Material & Technology


Our fitwear is sourced from the finest suppliers and leaders of innovative textiles from Brazil.  The suppliers are continuously investing in research for new technologies to develop the highest quality resources. The fabrics used in our lines boast many beneficial properties: antibacterial, breathability, compression and elasticity technologies, as well as soft touch, thermal comfort, and UV 50+ protection.  These attributes combine with fresh and creative designs to help you feel your best while being active.

Our high-quality raw materials and superior design and finish make for durable fitwear that is well known in Brazil for its reliability in maintaining its excellent condition and shape.  By sourcing exclusively only the finest products, we ensure that we are true to the global need for sustainability.



Our anti-pilling fabrics guarantee resistance to abrasion to keep your garment looking smooth and refined over time.


Our Chlorine Resistant technology withstands against the fabric deterioration and shape loss that comes with exposure to chlorine during swimming or washing.


Our Compression technology is developed to help improve your mobility, increase oxygen delivery to active muscles, reduce lactic acid build up, and deter muscle fatigue.


Our Easy Care garments are machine washable and dryable, requiring little to no special care. However, due to specific style construction, it is always highly recommended to follow the interior care label.


Color Absolute fabrics ensure your garments will retain their brilliant colors and vibrant prints through workouts and washings.


Our Moisture Movement system swiftly wicks perspiration off your skin and out to the exterior of the fabric, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable in sweltering heat or strenuous workouts.


Our Odor Control antimicrobial technology inhibits odor causing bacteria and fungus to keep your garments looking and feeling fresh between launderings.


Our Quick Dry garments rapidly absorb and release moisture to accelerate the evaporative drying rate, keeping your body temperature balanced so you can stay comfortable and focused on your workout.


Our resilient Wrinkle Free garments are designed to retain their shape and smooth appearance through launderings and vigorous wear.


Our UV Protection fabrics are developed with advanced fiber technology and weave structure, offering the ultraviolet protective properties of SPF 50 to inhibit adverse exposure to the sun.


Our Eco garments are made from a special biodegradable material that breaks down ten times faster in landfills than traditional fabrics. We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment. Our Eco fabrics also use recycled water in the colouring process, so the full life-cycle of our Eco line is environmentally conscious.


Emana® is Rhodia's smart 6.6 polyamide yarn, with long infrared technology, which converts human body heat into benefits for skin care and sports performance. Thanks to the bioactive minerals incorporated in the thread, Emana® absorbs body heat and emanates long infrared rays back to the skin, offering thermoregulation properties and improving blood microcirculation.


  • The result is an exclusive formula that improves skin elasticity and reduces the appearance of cellulite, providing a smoother and younger skin, with comfort and well-being.
  • For athletes, Emana® improves sports performance, reducing muscle fatigue with less oxygen consumption. It also contributes to rapid muscle recovery.
  • All the benefits of Emana® have been scientifically proven. Its intelligent properties provide a lasting effect, even after endless washes.
  • Emana® is Class I certified by the OEKO-TEX 100 Standard, which ensures that the product does not contain harmful substances.